♫ And there's a sunset brimming over the sky

And there's a swallow teaching it's young how to fly
Up on high
See how fast the summer passes by

And there's an oak leaf turning green into brown
And there's a pine so proud of her evergreen gown
Looking down
See how fast the winter comes around

And there's a rain cloud passing over our heads
And there's a cat on the doorstep waiting to be fed
Milk and bread
Day is done and now it's time for bed ♪

3 comentarios:

AsDePiqas dijo...

No es super erótico ese verso de Neruda?

Ruben dijo...

pase por aqui no me tengan miedo

Alnitak dijo...

Nunca había escuchado ese verso de Neruda, pero me ha parecido precioso.